Carpenter Owl

Carpenter Owl is a building studio in Bloomington, IN that specializes in creating unique structures from natural materials.  Most of our structures are custom and fall into the categories of tiny homes, studios, or expression structures.  Tiny homes are fully equipped to be year round, full time residences and can either be on wheels or permanent foundations.  Studios are designed to help one deeply explore a passion and can be either stand alone or additions.  Expression structures are used to enhance celebration or adventure and you are as likely to find one of these structures in a wedding as you are to find one floating down the mighty Mississippi.

home Tiny Home

At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we believe in quality and paying attention to details. We make every effort to use our resources as efficiently as possible, and to employ sustainable materials where we can in our quest to bring the best quality to every tiny home we build. You want a salvaged barn wood accent wall, how about a reclaimed sliding door or vintage bathroom vanity? No problem! At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we love to get creative, it’s what we specialize in.

Tiny living is not just somewhere to sleep and eat, it's a minimalist mindset that allows for freedom to live and not be controlled or tied down by possessions, huge mortgages and the pricey upkeep of owning a large home. By going tiny, you free yourself of a great deal of financial concerns and the burden of too many possessions. Here at Switchgrass Tiny Homes we have a saying:
“Live life large, go tiny.”
Tiny Home Village  Tiny Home Village

Titan Homes

Titan Tiny Homes is regarded as the fastest growing tiny house builder in the United States and offers the highest quality tiny houses for sale. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams of becoming a tiny homeowner by providing affordable, high-quality tiny houses. Let us help turn your tiny home vision into reality with one of our premium quality homes with unrivaled craftsmanship.

     Tiny House       Tiny House
BoAd tiny Home logo

BoAD Micro Villas was formed by Scott Booster and Brandon Adomatis. With extensive backgrounds in traditional residential construction, the pair were intrigued by the growing Tiny Home movement. In 2015, Scott and Brandon decided to form a company that would provide Tiny Home living options for individuals looking for a quality built structure. Scott and Brandon also saw the need for using the Tiny Home concept in recreation. BoAd
That birthed the idea of the Huntsman Cabin which would provide comfortable shelter for hunters with the added benefit of mobility and no structure property tax. BoAD encourages creativity in each individual design and works with customers in building the ideal structure for them whether it be for a permanent domicile or a recreational interest.                         outside 

Modern Tiny

Modern Tiny Living, based out of Columbus, Ohio, is the Midwest’s first fully custom Tiny House Design and Construction Company.  We are proud to be a part of this great movement, and take pride in creating the most strikingly beautiful, architecturally sound, and livable tiny homes in the entire world.  Our architectural, interior design, craftsman, and construction teams have generational experience in their trades, and we’ve built dozens of tiny homes ranging from our 12’ Micro Home (The Nugget), to our 32’ Tiny “Mansion" (The Hulk).  We are proud to have been featured numerous times on HGTV, The Today Show, FOX, and NBC, and are thrilled to participate in this year’s Indianapolis Home Show!

      Modern Tiny  Modern Tiny