It Takes a Village … of Tiny Homes!

Five different tiny homes, each with its own landscaper, nested in West Pavilion

Last year the Indianapolis Home Show featured a single tiny home to reflect a growing trend in the housing market as more people explore living with a minimum of square footage and environmental footprint.

Now the Home Show is going even BIGGER with small living concepts by featuring an entire Tiny Home Village in the West Pavilion of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

The display features five separate tiny homes created by different vendors, each with their own custom landscaping design. Home Show visitors will get to explore the range of styles and accommodations available with tiny homes, along with ideas on how to use the space outside.

“Tiny living is not just somewhere to sleep and eat. It's a minimalist mindset that allows for freedom to live and not be controlled or tied down by possessions, huge mortgages and the pricey upkeep of owning a large home,” said Byron Denhart of Switchgrass Tiny Homes. “By going tiny, you free yourself of a great deal of financial concerns and the burden of too many possessions.”

Like many tiny home builders, Switchgrass often incorporates reclaimed materials such as a barn wood accent wall, salvaged sliding door or vintage bathroom vanity.

Tiny homes are equipped to be year-round, full-time residences and can either be on wheels or with permanent foundations, according to Daniel Joseph Weddle of Carpenter Owl of Bloomington, Ind. They specialize in creating unique structures from natural materials.

The tiny home from BoAd Micro Villas is aimed specifically with the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in mind. Their Huntsman Cabin sits on a 20-foot hauling trailer that can be pulled by an ATV to remote locations. Inside are granite countertops and a peg ladder made of a tree trunk.

“Above the fold-down deck is a platform that folds up to become an elevated hunting blind, allowing someone to hunt from the cabin without leaving a scent trail going to another location,” said Brandon Adomatis of BoAD.

Visitors can expect to see a wide variety of colors, outdoor living amenities and foliage for the Tiny Home Village exteriors. 

Ryan Coyle of Vive Exterior Design says their company emphasized the natural look in their tiny home landscaping.

“With the rustic charm of the South, this reclaimed metal and wood tiny home fits right in to the rustic landscape with sandstone boulders, natural snapped stone retaining walls, and barn wood bar and grill,” Coyle said. “Relax on an elevated deck next to the fire pit while watching your favorite game on the big screen TV.”

The Tiny Home Village is created by the following builders and landscapers:
• Modern Tiny Living – New Leaf Landscape Design
• Titan Tiny Homes – Dave’s Lawn and Landscape
• Switchgrass Tiny Homes – Country Gardens
• Carpenter Owl – Vive Exterior Design
• BoAd Micro Villas – JDK Hardscapes

“The tiny home trend shows no sign of abating. After the terrific response to last year’s single tiny home, we decided to do a whole village this year,” Home Show Manager Laura Groninger said. “This display shows the amazing possibilities people have for houses of every size, indoors and out.”

The Tiny Home Village is located inside the West Pavilion at the 2018 Indianapolis Home Show.

Carpenter Owl

Carpenter Owl is a building studio in Bloomington, IN that specializes in creating unique structures from natural materials.  Most of our structures are custom and fall into the categories of tiny homes, studios, or expression structures.  Tiny homes are fully equipped to be year round, full time residences and can either be on wheels or permanent foundations.  Studios are designed to help one deeply explore a passion and can be either stand alone or additions.  Expression structures are used to enhance celebration or adventure and you are as likely to find one of these structures in a wedding as you are to find one floating down the mighty Mississippi.

home Tiny Home

At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we believe in quality and paying attention to details. We make every effort to use our resources as efficiently as possible, and to employ sustainable materials where we can in our quest to bring the best quality to every tiny home we build. You want a salvaged barn wood accent wall, how about a reclaimed sliding door or vintage bathroom vanity? No problem! At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we love to get creative, it’s what we specialize in.

Tiny living is not just somewhere to sleep and eat, it's a minimalist mindset that allows for freedom to live and not be controlled or tied down by possessions, huge mortgages and the pricey upkeep of owning a large home. By going tiny, you free yourself of a great deal of financial concerns and the burden of too many possessions. Here at Switchgrass Tiny Homes we have a saying:
“Live life large, go tiny.”

   Tiny Home    
Titan Homes

Titan Tiny Homes is regarded as the fastest growing tiny house builder in the United States and offers the highest quality tiny houses for sale. Since 2015, we have been dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams of becoming a tiny homeowner by providing affordable, high-quality tiny houses. Let us help turn your tiny home vision into reality with one of our premium quality homes with unrivaled craftsmanship.

     Tiny House       Tiny House
BoAd tiny Home logo

BoAD Micro Villas was formed by Scott Booster and Brandon Adomatis. With extensive backgrounds in traditional residential construction, the pair were intrigued by the growing Tiny Home movement. In 2015, Scott and Brandon decided to form a company that would provide Tiny Home living options for individuals looking for a quality built structure. Scott and Brandon also saw the need for using the Tiny Home concept in recreation. 

That birthed the idea of the Huntsman Cabin which would provide comfortable shelter for hunters with the added benefit of mobility and no structure property tax. BoAD encourages creativity in each individual design and works with customers in building the ideal structure for them whether it be for a permanent domicile or a recreational interest.                         outside BoAd

Modern Tiny

Modern Tiny Living, based out of Columbus, Ohio, is the Midwest’s first fully custom Tiny House Design and Construction Company.  We are proud to be a part of this great movement, and take pride in creating the most strikingly beautiful, architecturally sound, and livable tiny homes in the entire world.  Our architectural, interior design, craftsman, and construction teams have generational experience in their trades, and we’ve built dozens of tiny homes ranging from our 12’ Micro Home (The Nugget), to our 32’ Tiny “Mansion" (The Hulk).  We are proud to have been featured numerous times on HGTV, The Today Show, FOX, and NBC, and are thrilled to participate in this year’s Indianapolis Home Show!

      Modern Tiny  Modern Tiny

   Unilock Corner Beer Garden in South Pavilion!

Beer Garden

Need a place to rest and recharge during your visit to the Home Show? Visit the Unilock Corner Beer Garden in the South Pavilion, open for the entire 10-day Home Show. Designed and constructed by Wasson Nursery & Outdoor Living, the beer garden invites Home Show attendees to enjoy a variety of craft beers and domestics in a cozy patio-like retreat.


Meet Me at the Wine Bar


Booher Remodeling Company offers four wine bar designs

After exploring the vast expanse of exhibits at the Indianapolis Home Show, come wine down at Booher Remodeling Company’s wine bar — a brand-new feature at this year’s show. 

Founded by Rob and Kathi Booher, Booher Remodeling is an award-winning family business that has been delivering high-quality remodeling services to residents of Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 1993. And at the Home Show this year, they are designing a space where attendees can uncork and pour! 

Located in the West Pavilion, Booher Remodeling Company’s wine bar features four different wine bar designs.

“The concept is to show how a wine bar can easily be incorporated into any area of your home, whether it’s your kitchen, basement, den or office,” said Rob Booher, president of Booher Remodeling Company. With wood-stained cabinets, stone countertops and intricate wine racks, each bar creates an elegant, inviting atmosphere suited for wine and relaxation. 

In addition to feasting upon these beautiful designs, Home Show attendees get the chance to enjoy delicious wine from PRP Wine International, which has been “delivering the taste and feel of the vineyards to clients’ doorsteps since 1989.”

It’s the perfect way to visit the Home Show and experience a wine tasting at the same time! So stop by the West Pavilion, have a drink and see how you can transform any part of your home into a luxurious wine bar.

Visit Booher Remodeling Company’s wine bar in the West Pavilion any time during the 10-day Home Show.

Define Your Design with Chatham Home

Local furniture seller shows how to best use your space

Buying the right furniture for your home is just the first step to a terrific, eye-pleasing design. You should also think about how that furniture is arranged to make the best use of your space, according to Hope Harsin of Chatham Home, a family-run outlet that builds and sells one-of-a-kind furniture. 

Harsin and her mother, Faith Felder, will have one of the more interesting vendor spaces at the 2018 Indianapolis Home Show. Visitors won’t just see a bunch of furniture to admire and purchase. Chatham Home’s booth will have three distinct spaces, the exact same size, consisting of a dining room and living room, but each decorated in a completely different way. It will demonstrate to Home Show visitors just how creative they can be in defining their own unique design.

“One will be a masculine space, dark colors and very well designed – not just the usual black leather sofa. Another space will have a very neutral color palette, lots of grays and whites and some navy for contrast,” Harsin said. “The third space is going to be all about color, and will definitely have a bohemian design. We show people you don’t have to be afraid of color.”

The fourth section of their display area in the West Pavilion of the Indiana State Fairgrounds will be where people can pick and choose items they saw in the three staging areas, plus a whole lot more.

Chatham Home started out more than 20 years ago as a gift shop that began to sell unique furniture, either built or found by patriarch Alex Felder. Starting in 2006, they adopted a “direct from the craftsman” approach for Hoosiers seeking the natural beauty and durability of solid wood furniture and unique home accessories at affordable prices. 

Alex continues to seek out and partner with craftsmen to stock their wares as well as creating handmade pieces himself. Faith brought the business management know-how along with an eye for design, and Hope followed in the family business with formal training in interior design. But the family’s specialty is showing clients how to buy furniture with an eye to fill their home with a cohesive design.

“Most people know what they like, but they don’t know how to pull it all together,” she said. “Ultimately, if we’re doing our job right, the space should reflect them. We just help them get there.”

Visit the Chatham Home booth in the West Pavilion at the Indianapolis Home Show!

artisan markets Take Your Home to a Whole New Level

Find creative ways to furnish your home from the Artisan Markets

Have a vision for your furniture but no time or experience to make that vision a reality? Come visit the Artisan Markets at the Home Show, and talk with a variety of vendors offering advice on how to take your home and furniture to a whole new level!

“I am drawn to timeworn, vintage finishes. I love a layered paint look which hints at a piece of furniture having lived an authentic life. I love rusty, chippy, imperfect surfaces with lots of patina and personality,” said BJ Massa, the founder of the furniture business Junk’d Up.

Led by Massa, the Artisan Markets is a juried collective of more than 80 furniture artisans from across the country. Each individual artisan is a small business owner and entrepreneur. In the Artisan Markets online catalog, buyers can find restored antique furniture and painted furniture, as well as refinished and hand-crafted pieces.

All local sellers offer delivery, and any artisan located more than 200 miles outside of Indianapolis and surrounding areas has shipping capabilities.
“Our goal is to offer people a seamless buying experience from the comfort of their own homes that makes them feel good about supporting small businesses,” Massa said. 

At the Home Show, attendees can shop from a selection of furniture carefully curated by the artisans themselves. They are also offering a wide range of home decor and accessories. Better yet, attendees can pick the artisans’ brains and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process behind their craft. 

Two of the artisans — Massa and Heather Barnes, the founder of Delilah Tree — are instructors from Furniture Painting University, a website devoted to teaching furniture painting techniques to subscribers all over the world. They will lead attendees through furniture painting demonstrations at the Unilock Outdoor Living Stage in the South Pavilion on Wednesday, Jan. 24 and Thursday, Jan. 25 at 4 p.m. on both days.

Stop by the Artisan Markets in the West Pavilion and discover new ways to furnish a home as unique as you are. And see them on stage on Wednesday, Jan. 24 and Thursday, Jan. 25!

Liz HendersonRing in All the Holidays with Liz Henderson’s Tablescapes 

Designer Liz Henderson’s team offers unique settings for each season

Local designer Liz Henderson is bringing all the holidays under one roof at this year’s Indianapolis Home Show. 

Henderson will present six unique table displays dressed for different seasonal festivities — everything from Christmas and Easter to the Fourth of July and more! Each table will feature items from a wide variety of sources for all budgets, including thrift shops, antique stores, your local Target, etc. 

“We will have a taste of something for everyone,” Henderson said. “My overall message will be on the importance of community and how to open your door and spread the table for family and friends. We all want to be invited to the party!” 

In addition to presenting these table settings, Henderson will hop up on the Unilock Outdoor Living Stage and join a panel of five local business owners and designers to discuss creative ways to spice up your home for entertaining. 

“Whether you’re Betty Crocker in the kitchen or a carryout type of girl, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for decorating and dining around the table,” Henderson said. 

The panel will also be giving away items at every stage presentation, so be sure to stop by the Unilock Outdoor Living Stage on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. 

Henderson’s passion is helping Midwestern folks like herself fill their homes with creative magic all year round. The flourishes here and garnishes there are decorations you can easily display in your own home whenever you’re feeling festive and eager to show your holiday spirit.

Come to the South Pavilion to see unique tablescapes for a variety of holiday festivities.

Also, see Liz and a panel of local business owners and designers at the Unilock Outdoor Living Stage on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. They will be discussing design tips and giving away items at each stage presentation.