John Gidding

Learn More about TV Personality & Architect John Gidding

Jan 25, 2016
Can't wait to see John Gidding at the Indianapolis Home Show? Our fun Q&A with the HGTV star should tide you over until his appearances January 29th & 30th!
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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance Tips & Trends: Sanitized Sink

Jan 22, 2016
Your sink drain can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Keep it clean and your family safe with this advice from American Family Insurance.
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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance Tips & Trends: Play It Safe

Jan 21, 2016
Theft affects over 6 million Americans each year. Don't be a statistic! American Family Insurance can help keep you and your family safe. Visit them in Booth 8051 at the show to learn more.
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The Making of the Centerpiece Home

Jan 20, 2016
What does the majestic 4,010-square-foot Centerpiece Home look like as it's coming together at the Indianapolis Home Show? Check out these photos, then see the finished product at the show!
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Hoosier Gardener Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp Shares Her Tips & Personal Tastes

Jan 19, 2016
Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp is a recognized regional authority on all things green and growing in Indiana. She took the time for a little Q&A to talk about gardening and help folks get to know her better.
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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance Tips & Trends: Protect Against Harmful Bacteria

Jan 19, 2016
How you keep your food is just as important as what you buy! American Family Insurance has great advice to keep you and your family safe and healthy.
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Getting to know the Diva of DIY

Jan 18, 2016
Are you ready to get your DIY on at the Indianapolis Home Show? Leanne Lee, the self-proclaimed Diva of DIY, will be at the show sharing her best tips and tricks with attendees. Don't miss her!
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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance Tips & Trends: Steady The Stairway

Jan 18, 2016
There are many steps involved when it comes to keeping you and your family safe. Luckily, American Family Insurance and Brand Ambassador Kathy Ireland have lots of tips and advice to help!
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Tree Ornaments

Holi-DIY Ornament Contest: Terrific Trees

Dec 23, 2015
Before you cast your vote in our Holi-DIY Contest, try making your own ornament. These trees, made by Liz H., Birmingham Home + Garden Assistant Show Manager, are a snap to put together!
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Rustic Star Ornament

Holi-DIY Ornament Contest: Rustic Snowflakes

Dec 21, 2015
Before you cast your vote in our Holi-DIY Contest, try making your own ornaments! Dorothy M. shares the secret behind her rustic stars! They're really simple to make. Find out how!
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Snowman Mason Jar

Holi-DIY Ornament Contest: Stupendous Snowman

Dec 17, 2015
Before you vote for your favorite DIY ornament, why not try making your own? Learn how to make Lupe M.'s mason jar snowman in a few simple steps!
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8 Fabulously Festive Table Settings

Dec 15, 2015
Whether you’re putting on a casual meal to celebrate the season with friends and family or hosting the main event, the right table setting can make all the difference at a dinner party.
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Gingerbread Man

Ho Ho Holiday Baking: 7 Treats to Make this Season

Dec 14, 2015
We’ve found some fresh and festive treat recipes that are sure to sleigh this season. Leave these sweets out for Santa and you might even get an extra gift – or two!
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Exhibitor Spotlight: The Smart Pergola

Dec 13, 2015
We're excited to have The Smart Pergola joining us at the 2016 Indianapolis Home Show. Visit them in Booth 226 to learn about their products - and get to know them a bit better in our brief interview.
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Christmas Wreath

Holiday Spirits: 6 Fun & Festive Drinks Worth Making

Dec 11, 2015
This year, skip the traditional egg nog for some more fresh and festive cocktails. We’ve found some delicious holiday spirits that will have everyone full of Christmas cheers!
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Santa Ornament

Holi-DIY Ornament Contest: Sweet Santas

Dec 11, 2015
Check out Karen A.'s entry in the holi-DIY ornament contest! These sweet wooden Santas would look great on your tree - learn how to make them here. And don't forget to vote for Karen's ornament!
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Christmas Scene Ornament

Holi-DIY Ornament Contest

Dec 07, 2015
To help the Marketplace Events office get in the holiday spirit, we challenged our team members to a friendly DIY competition: who can make the best ornament! Now it's time for you to cast your vote!
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Christmas Tree

Holiday Decor Guide: 9 Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Dec 04, 2015
If you’re a little stumped when it comes to getting your yard yuletide ready, fear not – we’ve got some great ideas for you to try! Follow our advice and you could have the best looking house on the block!
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Haute Chocolate: 8 Deliciously Unique Recipes

Nov 27, 2015
This holiday season, instead of preparing your typical pre-packaged hot chocolate, why not try something a little more luxurious? We’ve found eight delicious, original recipes you’ve got to sample!
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Table Setting

Table, Set, Go! 6 Inspiring Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Nov 13, 2015
You may have your menu planned, but that’s not the only important thing that goes on your table. This year set your tables to stun with some simple ideas that are sure to complement every feast.
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